Prayer for Rain

In the Dictionary of the Turkish Language Institution, rain prayer is defined as the people's collective prayer to Allah (God) for rain in times of drought, by carrying out various religious practices to make it rain. It is applied by mukhtars (chief manager in villages), village associations and local administrations in Bursa's districts and villages that are especially developed in terms of agriculture. Particularly in the months of July, August and September, people gather on a plain, a plateau or a highland believed to contain a rain stone and pray for rain. Rain prayer is commonly performed in the mountain districts and plain districts of Bursa. In Bursa, people of all ages, including old, young, women, men and children, participate in the rain prayer ceremonies. Before the rain prayer, preparations such as fasting, reciting mawlid, preparing meals, providing the sacrifice animal if a sacrifice is to be made, providing food containers for the mass meal after the sacrifice, collecting stones to throw into the water to pray for a wish are made. A rain prayer march is held, the hodja walks in front, the villagers follow him, prayers are recited, hymns are sung. Prayer is performed in the company of the imam, and after the prayer, all participants pray for rain by hanging their hands down. After the rain prayer, the rain stone in the region is wetted and the children wet each other. After the prayer, food is distributed, the women who come to the prayer bring bread with them and distribute bread for charity. If it does not rain one week after the rain prayer, the rain prayer is performed again.