Keles Folk Clothing

In the districts of Keles, Orhaneli, Büyükorhan and Harmancık, known as the Mountain Region, traditional clothes with colors and patterns that reflect the history and nature of the region are worn in daily life, on special days and holidays. Apart from these traditional clothes such as shalwar undergarment clothes, ferace(a long coat part of the traditional  dress of muslim women) and fez worn in daily life, dresses worn by young girls and men and bride clothes on special occasions, weddings are also used as costumes in folk dances.

  • Women's Clothing:

Worn on head: Beaded Fez, Al bezi (pullu grep) (a red scarf decorated with beads and sequins)

Worn on the body: Güdük(colored bolero), Fistan (women's one-piece dress/ loose robe), Undergarment, Three-Skirted Dress creeper, Shalwar, Backdress (Arkalaç [a shawl worn on the back], Kozalı kuşak(coned belt), Apron (Centrepiece Apron) Dizge (Çizge) (tasseled and beaded thick belt).

Worn on Foot: Socks, rawhide sandal(Shoes-Yemeni [flat-heeled shoes])

Ornaments; gıdıklık(beaded necklace), Amulet, Five-in-One, Buckled Belt, Cıngıllı Bağlama( a type of scarf decorated with coins and beads).

  • Men's Clothing;

Worn on Head; Iraçkın Takke( a kind of cap made of colored woolen yarn), Fez.

Worn on Body; Upper Garment Shirt, Vest, Aba Vest, Shirt, Aba Potur(jodhpurs), Potur (Knee Pad), Karçın(woolen leggings), Girdle (coned Belt), Shawl Girdle, Filled Girdle, Column Girdle, Column, Shepherd's Shawl, yağlık (handkerchief), Tobacco case,weapon pouch.

Worn on feet; Socks, Çarık(rawhide sandal), Yemeni(flat-heeled shoes)(İnegöl Yemeni).