Hıdrellez, celebrated on the night of May 05 and May 06 in the center and villages of Bursa; is believed to be the day The descent of Hızır (Khidr: meaning Green man, believed by the Muslims to be a prophet or a holy person who comes to help in the time of urgent need) to the earth, and when Hızır and İlyas (Prophet Elijah) meet, the warming of the weather, the beginning of the summer season after the winter season. On the day of Hıdırellez, swings are set up on mulberry trees or large trees in the squares, and women try to swing the swings quickly with the rope they attach to the swing. It is believed that the faster the swing swings, the more fertile the crops will be, it is said that "the crops will not grow unless the swing fly too high". Fires are lit and jumped over the fires. It is believed that they would touch the hands of Hızır and İlyas while jumping over the fire. On the morning of Hıdırellez, the green branches are collected and hung on the doors, the offended are reconciled, people wash with the dew grains collected in the morning, the lids of the pot and the cellars are left open believing that Hızır and İlyas will bring abundance to the earth.

In many villages of Bursa, Hıdırellez celebrations are performed under the name of "Hıdırellez and village auspiciousness" during the month of May. In Hıdırellez, "Hıdırellez pilaf" or Hıdırellez soup" with the food materials purchased with the donations of the whole village is cooked and distributed. The event date is determined by the village headmen or village associations so that the event to be held by the villages does not conflict with another village.