Haji Tehniye (congratulation)

Tehniye means celebration, greeting, congratulation in Arabic. Welcoming the pilgrim and the arrival of the pilgrim from the holy land are celebrated with the "Haji Tehniye" ceremonies. In the past, since pilgrimage journeys lasted for months, special preparations were required to make for the farewell and welcome ceremonies of the pilgrims. On the day when the pilgrims arrive, the pilgrims are greeted altogether, a prayer rug is put on the car in which the pilgrims are driven, the flag is hung, the horn is sounded and everyone is informed. Before entering the house, a sacrifice animal, called "the threshold sacrifice", is slaughtered in front of the pilgrim's house, and the blood of the sacrifice animal is rubbed on the forehead of the pilgrim. The meat of the slaughtered sacrifice animal is used in cooking preparations in pilgrim's house. Guests coming to visit the pilgrim are offered zamzam water in metal zamzam jugs and zamzam cups, a tray of dates, soup, pilaf, roasted meat, flour halva or cream halva, and tahini halva. Women participating in the Haji Tehniye ceremony wear their wedding gowns, wear a bridal crown or flowers on their heads and wear their most precious jewels. On the last day of the “Haji Tehniye” ceremonies, which last for three days, Ashura is made and distributed to visitors, neighbors and passersby.