Barrel can be defined as a large, cylindrical round durable container with a bulging belly and a flat bottom, made by fastening strips obtained from durable trees with wooden or metal hoops. It is used for the storage and transportation of liquid materials such as water, vinegar, wine, cheese, olive oil. Barrels are produced in sizes to hold 1 liter to 6 tons of liquid, depending on their usage areas. Oak, pine, chestnut, juniper, mulberry and spruce wood are used in its construction. The oak wood to be used in barrel production is kept for 4-5 years to dry. Materials such as hammer, hive tool, pangalya, grater, saw, compass, sandpaper are used to shape the wood used in barrel making. The hoop on the outside of the barrel was traditionally made of wood, today the hoop is generally made of metal. In the Iznik and Inegol Districts of Bursa, the cooperage art is traditionally carried out by the masters who make wooden barrels.