Çarık (rawhide sandal) is one of the traditional type of shoes worn by men and women while working in the field in daily life. In the following years, with the use of machinery in agriculture, agricultural machinery took the place of manpower and primitive ploughs, and as a result of migration from villages to cities, people's living in cities and the development of the shoemaking industry made rawhide making among the professions that was lost and forgotten. Buffalo skin is used as the main material in making the rawhide sandals. Small rawhide sandals, which are used as "nazarlık" (amulets believed to protect those who wear it from the evil eyes) or today, are also made from the skin used in making rawhide sandals after various processes. With the decrease in the use of rawhide sandals in daily life, rawhide sandals are produced as costumes and touristic items for folk dance ensembles.

The decrease in the number of Rawhide sandal masters and the lack of apprenticeship in this field has made this art one of the professions that are on the verge of disappearing.