Bursa Photofest Festival

Bursa's first International Photography Festival lasts 9 days in the first two weeks of October. The festival aims to bring together the photographs of the world and Turkey by means of the guests artists from around the world and Turkey's photographers Festival guests in Bursa.

While aiming for an active and synergetic dialogue environment among all its participants, it also claims to be a platform where new photographers can present themselves.

This meeting is not just between photographers. The more important mission of BursaFotoFest is to bring photography to daily life with new and creative exhibition ideas by "transforming" the places used extensively by the people of Bursa.

In addition to these goals, the competitions, port foil reviews and seminars it contains guide many amateur photographers, and these photos color the walls of schools and public institutions in Bursa with social responsibility projects.

For detailed information; http://www.bursaphotofest.org/?lng=tr