Bursa Fabric

Bursa’s fabrics;  With its weaving technique, material features and pattern richness, it has a very important place in the world textile industry since the birth of this art. They reflect all the features of Turkish culture with their patterns and colors.

It is seen that the art of weaving, which has its origins in Anatolia, started its adventure in Bursa from the 15th century and then this art was started to be performed in İstanbul from the 16th century onwards. Bursa, which became the fabric center of the period especially in the 15th and 16th centuries, spread its reputation to all the world with its woven woolen fabrics, silk fabrics and all kinds of velvet fabrics. It is understood from the historical records that even China, famous for its woven fabrics, bought the fabrics from Bursa and also Bursa's fabrics were sold in the markets of Hungary, Poland, Italy and Balkan countries.