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Historical Bazaar and Khans Area

Sultan Orhan Gazi, after the conquest, made his social complex out of castle, for develop Bursa. Emir Khan is the first city khan of Ottoman’s. After that, Turkish bath, Ulu Cami and Covered Bazaar,...

Muradiye Social Complex

This social complex made by Sultan Murad II. It is in Muradiye, known by its name. Muradiye is between, Murad Hüdavendigar I. social complex in Çekirge and the place called Hisar, which has Bursa Castle… Eventually,...


Gölyazı, which has nature and history in the same area, is a nice village in Bursa, nearby Uluabat Lake. Habitat is in the antique walls, the walls are nearly 800 meter long… Sometimes you...

Cumalikizik Village

Cumalıkızık is 700 years village in Bursa. It is an important example of country architecture from Ottoman period and now, it protects the traditional lifestyle. Cumalıkızık has narrow streets, only one person can go...

Uludağ National Park

Mythological name of Uludag which gave its name to the National Park is OLYMPOSMYSIOS.  During the Ottoman Empire, Uludag was known as Kesis Mountain and it received today’s name of ULUDAG in 1925. Uludag National...
Bursa, TR
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