Bakircilar (Coppersmith) Bazaar

Bakircilar Bazaar is one of the bazaars that gave its name to its vicinity and a bazaar that shows unity with its surrounding stores. It is located in the vicinity of the Uzun Carsi where the Han-i Cedid (Pirinc Inn) […]


AS CENTER 0224 261 5151 As Center is located in the Sonmez Plaza which is 8 kilometers on the Yalova Highway.  Aside from having vast number of stores, it also has ice skating, fast-food, movie theater, bowling alley and a […]


Bursa Antik 221 21  34 Ekinci  Ticaret 328 47  85 Güler  Antika 328 05  69 Karagöz Antique Shop 221 87  27 Okçular Antik 326 12  44 Specialist Antique Shop 222 92  32 Yeşil Çarşı 327 72  83

Abulyond Inn

Abulyond Inn, Hoca Sinan Inn (Mudanya Inn) It is located at the north of the Pirinc Inn. Mudanya Inn’s name is mentioned in the Muftu Suyu deed of trust. It is indicated that it’s two-stories high and there are 16 […]