Performance without Music: Sword-Shield

Sword-Shield is one of the folk dances in the world that is performed without music. It was determined that this dance was done in Anatolia before the Turks. Xsenophon who lived between the years of 430 and 355 B.C, he […]


KIZIK VILLAGES (villages that are situated between the foot of and valley of Uludag) (Cumalikizik, Degirmenlikizik, Derekizik, Hamamlikizik, Fidyekizik) Located at the east of Bursa and on the northern slopes of Uludag, the Kizik Vilages’ history is as old as […]

Kapali Carsi (Covered Bazaar)

The Uzun Carsi (Long Bazaar) which makes up the oldest part of Bursa’s bazaar was formed with the stores at the north of the Emir Inn. From the ancient documents, it is understood that the current grand bazaar was being […]

Emir Sultan Tomb/Mausoleum

It is suggested that the tomb of Emir Sultan Hazretleri who lived through three Ottoman Sultans Eras and won the curatorship rank in Sufism, is the fifth authority in the Islamic world. Because he is the descendant of the Prophet, […]

Other Symbols of Bursa

Among the other symbols of Bursa, we can also count Yesil Turbe (Green Tomb), Clock Tower at Tophane, 20-domed Ulucami, Bursa Festival, Culture Park, Celikpalas Hotel, Ottoman Empire Sultans from the founder of the Ottoman Empire, Osman Gazi, to Sultan […]

Green Crocodile: Bursaspor

From Turanspor founded in 1919 to Bursaspor, Bursa football (soccer) clubs achieved great success and entered a new phase in 1963. Established in 1919 Turanspor being one of them, five Bursa teams (Acar Idmanyurdu, Akinspor, Celikspor, Istiklalspor and Pinarspor) merged […]

Unrivaled brand in Chestnut: Kafkas

Its fame overflowing from Europe to United States, the Kafkas Patisseries continues its production in its modern facilities situated on a 6,500 m² area of closed space. The company’s founder, Ali Sakir Tatveren, was born in Monastery, Yugoslavia. He carried […]

Turkish towels to the world: Ozdilek

Established in 1971 in Bursa, Ozdilek is Turkey’s largest company within the towel industry with its production volume of 9,000 tons a year, 3,860 employees, 37 million dollars of export volume and 150 million dollars of financial turnover. When you […]

The first in transportation: Kamil Koc

Born in 1902 in Pazaryeri, Kamil Koc took his first steps in profession of transportation in 1923 by carrying loads with the buffalo wagons between Pazarcik and Bursa. And in 1926, he got his license and started to transport passengers, […]

The brand of Bursa: Uludag Soda

Bursa is a productive city that generates world-wide brands. Uludag Soda is a brand that the Erbak family from Bursa introduced to the whole world. Uludag Soda along with its creator, Nuri Erbak, are legends in the history of soda […]

Bursa Roller Pigeon

Among the symbols of Bursa and known around the world as the ‘’Bursa Roller’’, the ‘’Bursa Pigeon’’ was race that was bred during the Ottoman Empire era and it is one of the rich and bright feathered birds in the […]

Cable Cars

Construction of it began in 1958 and opened in 1963 for service, the Cable Car is the first cable car line in Turkey. With the 10 minute journey, with a wagon, from the Teferruc town of Bursa, you first reach […]

Irgandi a bridge with shops

It is the first bridge that you’ll approach when you go down, over Gokdere, from the Setbasi Bridge towards the plain. It was built in 1442 by Pir Ali who was the father of the Hoca Muslihiddin from Irgand. The […]

Bursa Knives

Knife making was brought to Bursa, by the Balkan immigrants after the ‘’93 War’’. From this day forward, through the immigrant craftsmen and the apprentices they’ve raised, the profession of knife making has evolved and arrived at the level it […]

Colorful Secret of the Soil: Glazed Tile Art

Following the conquest of Bursa, Iznik Art of Glazed Tiles began to develop, along with the Ottoman Empire, by undertaking new shape and a mission. Iznik tile masters, organized together at the guilds of the Ottoman Palace and started to […]

Performance of Swords & Shields

Sword-Shield is one of the folk dances in the world that is performed without music. It was determined that this dance was done in Anatolia before the Turks. Xsenophon who lived between the years of 430 and 355 B.C, he […]

Mehter (Janissary band)

Mehter is a band. Its origin goes back to the Anatolian Seljuks. It is accepted that after Bursa was conquered, Bursa Mehterhane (Bursa Mehter Residence) was formed by Orhan Bey. In a sense, Ak Timur, Osman Gazi’s nephew, can be […]

A Shadow that Lived for Six Centuries

The shadow puppetry which is referred to as Karagoz in folk speech (colloquial language) plays a very important role in the life of Turkish Culture. It was seen on the research of the origin of the Karagoz show that it […]

Traditional Art of Bursa: Bursa Towels

Being one of the great values of Bursa, the Towel is a gift of velvet touch that Bursa presented to the world. It is an absolute must in our daily lives and the place it was born and raised in […]

Velvety bride, are you from Bursa?

Just like the kemha, atlas (satin), kutnu, taffeta, vale and crepe, velvet too is a silk type. Its surface and thread being pure silk and weaved from the Bursa silk in the 15th and 16th centuries, and because the Bursa […]

Bursa Fabrics

Roots of it coming from the Anatolia, it is seen that the adventure of the art of weaving started in 15th Century in Bursa and Istanbul jumped on this caravan from the 16th Century on. With its weaving techniques, special […]

Silk City Bursa

The name of Bursa, which is one of the most important centers and the last stop in Anatolia on the route of the Silk Road, is known as a city which identified with silk and silk making. The terms ‘’Silk’’ […]

Kelle Cheese: Mahlac

Produced in the Bursa’s district of Karacabey, this cheese is made by mixing sheep and cow’s milk and cooking it. It is many-pored, very salty and has a unique taste. It is a kelle cheese. Although there is no precise […]

Delicious Cheese Desert Kemalpasa

It is a region specific desert also known as the ‘cheese desert’ is made in Mustafakemalpasa. This desert is made with the village cheese. It is kneaded with cheese, flour, semolina and eggs and shaped into 3-4 cm diameters of […]

Tasteful Mountain Strawberry

The main source of living in Keles and the mountain region is strawberry. Known as the mountain strawberry, the Bursa strawberry is sought after in the country. There are at least 600 types of strawberries known and 6 major types […]

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