Irgandi a bridge with shops


It is the first bridge that you’ll approach when you go down, over Gokdere, from the Setbasi Bridge towards the plain. It was built in 1442 by Pir Ali who was the father of the Hoca Muslihiddin from Irgand. The bridge was built as single-niche in stones/brick, there were 30 shops on top of it. There were also barns and warehouses and with this special feature, it is a one of a kind bridge in the world. Suffering a huge damage during the 1855 earthquake, the bridge was highly impacted last time with the bombings during the Greek invasion.

Closed even to traffic until the 40s, the Irgandi Bridge was restored by the Osmangazi Municipality and opened for service in 2004. In essence, it is one of the four bridges in the world that has shops on it and it is the oldest. At the stores on the bridge, the Bursa artists display the best samples of their handcrafts and workmanships from glazed-tiling to painting, from the works of mother of pearl to woodcarving and they present them to the liking of the visitors and at the same time continue to give life to our traditional art.