Green Mosque


Built between the years 1414 and 1419, the Green Mosque is one of the most important works of Haci Ivaz Pasha. The mosque has a reverse-T shape and its top is covered with two domes. The mihrab of the mosque is covered the Iznik glazed-tiles of the Mahfili era and has a splendid decoration. The crown door at the entrance of the building is a unique product of the Turkish stone carving art. It has an octagonal lantern/light on the dome and a high-sided one-piece octagonal on the bottom and a marble pool. At the north section of the mosque which is made of marble, there are four windows and two small mihrabs and four niches with rails on top. Window covers are the most beautiful examples of wood craftsmanship. Narthex of the mosque was not finished due to the sudden death of Celebi Sultan Mehmed and therefore failed to be the shape that it was thought to be.

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