Bursa Thermal Springs

Cekirge Hamami

Bursa is one of the richest cities in the world especially in terms of thermal springs and Hamams. The earliest information about Bursa Thermal Springs can be seen in the speeches of Dion in year 82. While repairing the Hamams left over from the Byzantines, the Ottomans were building new hot springs and thermal Hamams at the same time. Bursa’s thermal hot springs come out from the Bademli Bahce and Cekirge regions, west of the city. As the chemical analysis of the thermal waters is different in each region, it is also different with the ones that come out of the same region. So, it can be accepted that there are no connection between the sources. Waters in Cekirge are called steely waters and the waters in the Bademli Bahce are sulfurous waters. Water at the Kara Mustafa Thermal Springs is totally different. Water from the stone depot located in the Vakif Bahce (Vakif Garden) is distributed to 32 places. Among these areHamams, hotels and residential homes.

Eski Kaplica (Old Thermal Spring) is Bursa’s oldest and the largest Thermal Spring. You can relax your body that got fatigued from the intense pace and revive and renew your worn-out soul and health at the thermal springs where the healthy and healing waters are. Bursa thermal spring waters which have healed the emperors and queens and cured patients for centuries are being compared to amber which is believed to have high energy healing effects. Able to survive up until today, most recognized thermal springs in the center of Bursa are Eski Kaplica/Armutlu (Old Thermal Spring) built by Sultan Murad I., Kultuklu Thermal Spring built by Sultan I. Bayezid, Yeni Kaplica (New Thermal Spring) built by Rustem Pasha, the vizier of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent and the Kara Mustafa Pasha Thermal Springs which was built in his own name. Outside the center of Bursa, there is Oylat Thermal Springs and Citli Mineral Water in Inegol, Tumbuldek Thermal Springs in Akarca Village under Mustafakemalpasa, Terme Thermal Springs on the highway of Umurbey Village in Gemlik and Agachisar and Sadag Thermal Springs in Orhaneli and they all have continued to deliver healing for centuries.

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