Bursa Knives

Bursa Bıçakları Tasarım Yarışması

Knife making was brought to Bursa, by the Balkan immigrants after the ‘’93 War’’. From this day forward, through the immigrant craftsmen and the apprentices they’ve raised, the profession of knife making has evolved and arrived at the level it is at today. However, when we look at the adventures of the blacksmiths who formed the basis of Bursa knife making, we can see from the records that it has a seven-hundred-year history. Between all the hand crafts of Bursa, reputation of the knives still continues to this day which has a special place in the past and up until today. Starting from Ozmangazi, equipment of the first seven Sultans, such as swords, daggers, axes and spears are the handiwork of Bursa blacksmiths. Today’s knife makers were the blacksmiths of the past.

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